Assessment and Therapy
Forest Speech Pathology provides assessment, diagnosis, therapy and education for young to aged adults, carers and their families.
Mobile Speech Pathology
Forest Speech Pathology provides a personalised mobile service that will visit you in your own home or facility.
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Contact Jenny on 0416 257 632 for a confidential discussion and for appointments.

How Can Forest Speech Pathology Help?

dreamstime_xs_29195490Forest Speech Pathology are able to assess, diagnose, treat and help manage a wide range of communication and swallowing difficulties.

These can be the result of changes due to an injury, disease, surgery or a previously unaddressed longstanding or developmental issue.

Communication can include difficulties not only with speech but also with the comprehension, expression and/or use of language.  Spoken or written words may be difficult to understand and expressing needs, thoughts and feelings can be frustrating when finding words or constructing sentences becomes difficult.  Speech may be hard for others to understand, indistinct or sounds difficult to articulate.

Changes in the ability to swallow and eat safely can have serious consequences, such as chest infections and pneumonia. Forest Speech Pathology can provide assessment and management advice regarding modifying food and liquid and the use of compensatory strategies to promote safe swallowing and feeding.



Areas of special Interest

Forest Speech Pathology has a special interest in supporting communication, swallowing and feeding in the following areas.

  • dreamstime_xs_18868505Stroke
  • Progressive Neurological Conditions
  • Aged Care and Dementia
  • Head and Neck cancer/post surgery and radiation
  • Home based palliation and end of life care
  • Adult Disability
  • Adult Articulation/Fluency/Accent Modification
  • Voice Disorders including management of voice in the workplace